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fennel DVDManager Pro

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[Pre-OS X v10.10? Prefer v2.4]
[Pre-Mac OS X v10.6? Prefer v2.2]

Welcome to fennel DVDManager Pro! [French]

DVDManager Pro is a complete rewrite of our DVDManager project; now ready for the years to come! Alongside some new features and enhancements, being qualified for OS X Yosemite (v10.10), it also has inherited all the goods from DVDManager (i.e. still compatible with Mac OS X Snow Leopard, localized in 17 languages, etc.). At last, your transition from DVDManager should be really smooth: your DVD library being imported, you'll be ready in no time to better manage the workflow of your DVDs!

Special Notes re Version 2.4 (65)

  • Try before you buy: Freely play in Demo Mode with a sample DVD library for one-hour sessions.
  • Starting with version 2.3, the minimum OS requirement is Mac OS X Snow Leopard (v10.6). Please note though that version 2.2—requiring Mac OS X Tiger (v10.4) at minimum—is still available for download.


  • Now featuring a high-resolution (Retina) display-savvy icon!
  • When available, the genre is also retrieved from websources.
  • Changed the way custom IDs for retrieved items are generated; now sharing the default scheme.
  • Modified the Print action so that all the data displayed on screen can be printed.
  • Greatly improved the responsiveness of searches from the main window; now near-instant.
  • Slightly improved the performance of search requests in the Retrieve sheet.
  • Enhanced the highlighted appearance of State icons.
  • Improved the window zooming behaviour for it to no longer unnecessarily display some empty areas.
  • The table view presented during a CSV-based import process now always repositions itself to top.
  • The Details toolbar item now sports a contextual tool tip stating when it is selected and when it is not.
  • Removed the Retrieve item from the contextual menu as it can't be considered as a contextual action.
  • As per Apple's recommendations, when there's no selection, the Rate toolbar item is now displayed as enabled with its menu items disabled.
  • Localizations: Chinese (Traditional) & Italian > In the Retrieve sheet, the width of the Year column has been increased for its header to no longer be truncated.


  • Prevented a potential crash from happening when cancelling a CSV-based import process.
  • Images pasted from the clipboard to the Preview field while in Edit modes were not saved; it's fixed.
  • Addressed a situation where the entire selection could be dropped after a search although some of its items were among the search results.
  • (65) Increased the width of the "No Selection" label in the drawer for it to not be truncated on Yosemite.
  • Fixed a minor regression introduced in v2.0 (22) (!) resulting in some Remove-related translations not being used for some localizations.
  • Localizations: Portuguese (Brazil) > Fixed a typo affecting the Retrieve toolbar item.
  • Fixed a typo in the Demo library; George (Lucas) not being French ;) !

For Your Information

  • Built with the latest version of Apple's developer tools for Gatekeeper to keep on recognizing the app on updated versions of OS X.
  • (65) Qualified for OS X Yosemite v10.10.1, OS X Mavericks v10.9.5—for which it is App Nap-savvy—, and OS X Mountain Lion v10.8.5.
  • Version 2.4 will be the last version compatible with Mac OS X Snow Leopard (v10.6), OS X Lion (v10.7), OS X Mountain Lion (v10.8), or OS X Mavericks (v10.9); next releases requiring OS X Yosemite (v10.10) at minimum.

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